The best care- Our nursing staff treat your pets like their own

We are proud of our nursing team – for them, its not just a job, it’s more of a vocation – not only have they qualifications- but they are genuinely devoted to ensuring your pets receive TLC, are comfortable, clean and well cared for. In doing so they make a huge impact to the quality of care and recovery of our patients.

Road Traffic accidents involving dogs and cats are all too common, and frequently pets require surgery to repair fractured bones, replace dislocated joints and repair/ replace damaged ligaments and tendons. Orthopaedic surgery is also carried out on dogs and cats with joint problems– the most common are: Ruptured Cruciate Ligaments in the knee joint, Hip & Elbow Dysplasia & Osteochrondrosis (sometimes called OCD)- these are diseases which develop during the dog’s growth– usually large breeds like labs, boxers and Great danes. Spinal Surgery is a specialist part of orthopaedics. It involves delicate surgery around the main nerve which carries all the information from the brain to the legs, bladder etc– called the spinal cord.

In- Patient care

In patient vet nursing care
In patient vet nursing care
In patient vet nursing care
In patient vet nursing care
In patient vet nursing care
In patient vet nursing care
Treatment for shock
Care of fracture surgery vet patient
Total hip replacement 4weeks post op
spinal fracture surgery
Total hip replacement 7 days post op
spinal surgery for dogs

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“Thank you so much for looking after Frankie so well during a long 4 months! We really are grateful for your professionalism and your empathy. Were so glad to have him back with four legs!"

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